Welcome to Dr. Bhanderi's Vatsalya Multispeciality Hospital


Dr. Bhanderi’s VATSALAYA Multispecialty Hospital where 24 Hrs. EMERGENCY Medical Treatment Available. A 30 Bedded Multispecialty Hospital with 5 Different Departments


1. IVF Department          2.Gynecology Department,       3. Intensive Criticle Care Unit


4. Medicine Department,           5. Surgical Department.



Having advantage of 5 different Departments Under One Roof we are able to manage Infertile & High Risk Delivery Patients successfully. We have devloped our skills for IVF (Test Tube Baby) having our own Sp. IVF O.T. & IVF laboratory .  Utilizing our 12 Yrs. of experience we have also developed Expertise in PAINLESS LABOUR & Laparoscopic Surgeries in Gynec. Department.




Ultra Mordern Well Equipped Laboratory & O.T. for IVF Procedures


7 Beds I.C.U., 6 Beds Swine Flu, &1 Bed M.I.C.U. 


• Ventilator   • Defibrillator   • Infusion Pumps   • Multipara Monitors   • Pulse Oxymeter


• State of Art Operation Theatre with Laparoscopic instruments & Vessel Sealer.


• Sp. Labor Room for Painless Labor giving psychological support to patient.


• 24 Hrs. In-house Laboratory & Pharmacy.   

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